Applied Science and Management Research

Review times of ASMR responding within 21 DAYS

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief : Kuo-Torng Lan
Editorial Board Members :
Choong Lee, Pittsburg State University, USA
Gordana Pesakovic, Argosy University, USA
Hongxiang Tong, Shanghai Lida Polytechnic Institute, China
Hung-Wen Lee, National Chiayi University, Taiwan
Koyama Taro, Chubu University, Japan
Robert Davis, Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand)





Language Of Text



First Date Of Publication




Annual, September


Call For Paper

★Medical Tourism ★Eco-Tourism ★Cultural Tourism ★Environmental Tourism ★Socio-Economic ★Tourism Marketing ★Tourism Impact ★Tourism management ★Visitor management ★Public sector approaches to tourism and hospitality development ★Restaurant & beverage management ★Tourism operation and management ★Leisure management ★Hotel operations and management ★Case studies ★Tourism impacts ★Others

Copyright, Review and Fee

Before Submission

1. Authors submit manuscript to the Applied Science and Management Research (ASMR) means that authors agree us the monopolistic right to reproduce and/or distribute authors’ manuscript in a whole (including abstract and references) throughout the world in electronic, printed or any other medium. Also authors agree that ASMR at any time may publish authors’ manuscript, and that ASMR may sell or distribute it, on its own, or with other related material.
2. All authors have to guarantee that submitted manuscript is authors own original work, also does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity as well as cannot be construed as plagiarizing any other published work, including their own previously published work.
3. All corresponding authors must commit all named co-authors consent to publication and to being named as a co-author.
4. Except ASMR, manuscript must not submit to more than one journal simultaneously.

Blind Review

ASMR on blind review at all time and reply among 21 days. Manuscript will be accepted as two reviewers recommend it.

Page Charge

ASMR need charge for the publication fee when acceptance.


Hard Copy

The manuscript is less or equal 10 pages taken NT$4500, and then extra page taken NT$450.


Hard Copy

The manuscript is less or equal 10 pages taken CNY$1000, and then extra page taken CNY$100. Also each manuscript has taken CNY$150 for delivery.



The manuscript is less or equal 10 pages taken USD$150, and then extra page taken USD$15 (Pay in Full).

Hard Copy

The manuscript is less or equal 10 pages taken USD$200 (part for delivery), and then extra page taken USD$15 (Pay in Full).

How to Submit?

Submission Process


According to the number of Author to download correct TEMPLATE.
★The editorial office will move the information of Author away before Blind Review.


E-Mail Submission
Mail →asmrjrn@gmail.com
Title : I want to submit
Content←It be able to empty
Attachment : manuscript (.docx) or (.doc) which has corrected format as an attachment.
★All E-Mail shall be replied within 24 hours but sent again.
★The E-mail address used to submit is very important because it's the main way to contact the Author.


Obtaining SUBMISSION CODE means manuscript will be accepted as two reviewers recommend it. So please wait for our reply (less than 3 weeks).


Please be patient and wait for typesetting and then the ASMR will ask Author to proof and pay the fee.The author is going to get ACCEPTANCE LETTER after proof and payment.
Every manuscript has once proofreading.

Next Publication










A digital object identifier (DOI) is a type of persistent identifier used to uniquely identify objects. The DOI system is particularly used for electronic documents such as journal articles. The DOI system began in 2000 and is managed by the International DOI Foundation. DOI means "digital identifier of an object" rather than "identifier of a digital object". Metadata about the object is stored in association with the DOI name. It may include a location, such as a URL, where the object can be found. The DOI for a document remains fixed over the lifetime of the document, whereas its location and other metadata may change. Referring to an online document by its DOI provides more stable linking than simply referring to it by its URL, because if its URL changes, the publisher only needs to update the metadata for the DOI to link to the new URL.

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