How to Submit?

According to the number of Author to download correct TEMPLATE.
★The editorial office will move the information of Author away before Blind Review.
E-Mail Submission
Mail →
Title : I want to submit
Content←It be able to empty
Attachment : manuscript (.docx) or (.doc) which has corrected format as an attachment
★All E-Mail shall be replied within 24 hours but sent again.
★The E-mail address used to submit is very important because it's the main way to contact the Author.
Obtaining SUBMISSION CODE means manuscript will be accepted as two reviewers recommend it. So please wait for our reply (less than 3 weeks).
Please be patient and wait for typesetting and then the ASMR will ask Author to proof and pay the fee. The author is going to get ACCEPTANCE LETTER after proof and payment.
Every manuscript has once proofreading.